My ethos for the shop has always been that everything in it, including the Idea of  the lovely olive oil soaps, English lavender and our own delicious Room Spray, ought to last at least several generations.

We sell nothing mass-produced, and all our new products are ethically traded.

We sell unusual antique pieces alongside new and exciting fair trade objects:

'giant clams' (a threatened species) created from a papier mache of tiny, swiftly renewable shells, a by-product of a food source in the philippines...

huge cowbells with most beautiful ring from a village in India where they have been making bells for a hundred years...
antique rare Ethiopian chairs and stools...

We use green energy, and recycleable carrier bags.

All our ethically and fair traded products are meticulously sourced, so that they fall into the stylish yet unpretentious look of the shop, not a 'fun gimmick' in sight.

As my customers know, my shop is more than a shop to me, it is a place where people can come for a chat, to discuss ideas, and for solace from the greed driven culture that is revealing itself daily as a failing way of thinking.

Our customers come to the shop to receive good advice on everything from their interiors, to where to find a good therapist.

If I had the means to hand, I would turn the building into a shop with a healing centre above it, open to anyone who needed it.

In the meantime, of course there is the rent, and the business rates to pay, so I am extremely grateful to my customers who have understood the value for money and ethos that Katrina Phillips represents.

Thank you for your continued support - I am sourcing new pieces and antiques that fall within my ethos every day, so keep coming back.

More will be revealed.

 Launceton Place, London

Launceton Place, London