The ethos for the shop has always been that everything in it ought to last at least several generations.

We sell nothing mass-produced, and all our new products are ethically traded.

The shop is a bit like a farm in that it changes with the seasons, and more frequently than that sometimes.

We sell unusual antique and ancient pieces alongside new and exciting fair trade objects, such as:

Good tables, ceramics, proper fishermen's jumpers in season, silk shirts, hand knotted jewellery made right here in Portobello, workbenches, vases, tea lights, organic room diffusers (the shop smells nice!), Jurassic fossilised palm fronds and fish, giant crystals, sustainable shell chandeliers, driftwood lamps...alongside the work of reknowned artists such as Mark Brazier Jones....

Bells with the most beautiful ring from a village in India where they have been making bells for a hundred years.
Antique rare Ethiopian chairs and stools and circle of life protection necklaces.

We use green energy, and recycleable carrier bags.

All our ethically and fair traded products are meticulously sourced, so that they fall into the stylish yet unpretentious look of the shop.

As my customers know, my shop is more than a shop to me, it is a place where people can come for a chat, to discuss ideas, and to share information.

Our customers come to the shop to receive good advice on everything from their interiors, to where to find a good therapist.